Pressure on meeee
You Know kept my head up
Know you couldn’t stand us
What the whole world got against us?
Pressure on me
I Know you couldn’t stand us
But I always kept my head up

let up
Said NA NA it’s set up
& You know it’s a set up
Shawty You know they against us
all Good
It’s all Good
If I could without ya I would
But I’m good without ya, now look
Still wishing back Highschool
Got Damn shawty always selling me
I said Ima go with melody
I did; people kept telling me
God sent, this shit was my destiny
I swear niggas just jealousy
Independent; depends what you are to me
It’s imperative who’s surrounding me
No comparisons, I think differently

Shawty yesterday
I been going out my way
Tried to make things go ur way
& you know I tried the right way
Looks like we went the highway
Swear that Shit made me wanna hit the block
& You back to the streets on TikTok
But in my head shawty you still live on
Summertime, & I’m crying in the coupe
Like a Ghost I couldn’t tell you the truth
In the club, gettin love from the groups
focused now, going hard in the booth
Ya saw me. said ya sorry
in pesade, playin Sade
& ya body, know ya got me
Know It Got me thinking all day
All day
Hoping you’d Call me
Thinking possibly
Taking you as far as your eyes can see
Eyes can see
With everybody That was lost with me
Tara went up
When i lost tare, had to tear this shit up
Pain I couldn’t bare, almost dug that shit up
down all week, know I had to get up
pressure on me know it’s time to get up
Mom said we gotta keep our head up

Know it’s a set up
Know it’s set up
Don’t you let up
Need you to getup
I know you’re special
know you fed up
I know you better
& make ya bed up
Don’t you give up

It’s pressure
All This pressure to fill the pants
went up 3 sizes in a week
His name was handed down to me just to see
Ohh melody
I hope Tara can Rest In Peace
Wish my grandma was next to me
Always gave you the best of me
Just needed a team
For the long run just to see
Thanks Preezy for helping me
sometimes I be on a bean
And you know where we wanna be
& you know where we gonna be
All those commas you seeeee